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Kevin is a tech-savvy, inspirational storyteller, and seasoned design leader.
He has extensive experience inspiring and building design teams while also leading enterprise organizations (B2C & B2B) to envision, reinvent, and optimize new futures for their business.

Kevin’s expertise includes creating innovative digital products, building immersive intelligent experiences, and launching future-forward GTM initiatives. He creates experiences that captivate and generate at-scale value and growth for clients by fostering loyalty and advocacy for his client’s products, services, and brands.
"There are certain people in your career that change the game completely. For me (and so many others at Avanade) that is Kevin Cale. He is the best thing that happened to our studios, and I am beyond honored to have had him as a mentor, a ‘creative partner in crime’, and an inspiration every day. His impact on our global experience team, and his force of positive change throughout Avanade is legendary — as he transformed the way we work and the way we think.

Kevin’s optimism, ability to make inspirational creative change everywhere he went, and his relentlessly fearless to make things better are TRULY his super powers. Kevin can get the most challenging groups of stakeholders out of their comfort zone and ’ business as usual’ mindsets. He continually transformed our teams, our business engagements, and our partnership with Microsoft with his ‘art-of-the-possible’ and tangible strategies. He is a true inclusive champion— empathetically lifting everyone around him while moving the business forward.

Kevin is the real deal. A true creative. A true visionary. A true pro-active company leader. Any organization where Kevin leads definitely has a competitive advantage, bar none.

-Michelle, Avanade - South Region, Executive Creative Director
"I never imagined I could have so much fun working 12-hour days on a proposal until I had the luxury of partnering with Kevin on what would become a nearly 6-month long pursuit. Kevin's creativity is unmatched, period. Add to that his outgoing personality and forward-thinking, and you have one magical combination. As a leader, he is compassionate and disarming, the kind that immediately lifts others up on their journey simply by being himself and caring about those he works with. I not only welcome, but I look forward to, an opportunity to work with Kevin again in the future."
-Kiley, Microsoft - Senior Customer Success Account Manager
"Kevin Cale is a force of nature: eternally optimistic, inspired, and creative. I've found him to be the ultimate collaborator – brilliantly innovative and open to any and all possibilities. He's also a natural-born futurist, always considering the extrapolation and potential of the current moment into the realm of what can and should happen next. He inspires those whom he leads, with both vision and an authentic sense of caring for their wellbeing. Working alongside and with Kevin has been the highlight of my career at Avanade, and I can't wait to see what he will do next. Watch this space!"
-Andrew, Avanade - Senior Director Experience Strategy
"I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work closely with Kevin in nurturing and growing our global Experience Design Team, which now numbers over 450 people. He's the most inspiring visionary I've ever met, and his strategic vision for creativity and design inspires and motivates me on a daily basis.
Kevin is also an amazing leader who has the power to inspire and engage others. Above all, he possesses the exceptional ability to listen and make everybody feel included.
His tremendous talent as a change agent, his charismatic leadership style, and the incredible passion he has for his work and his company make him the type of person who is irreplaceable in a company."

-Francesca, Avanade - Global Experience Design Lead
"It was an absolute pleasure working with Kevin over the past year. From day one, Kevin brought a positive, can do attitude to everything he touched. His skills go way beyond the creative role he encompassed, as he was able to influence and inspire many aspects of our business.
From ideation and conceptualizing a campaign, to internal and client communication, Kevin was a consummate professional who turned every meeting and call into a productive and positive experience.
His passion and energy is a benefit to any team he is a part of. I would fully recommend Kevin in every aspect, and would be lucky to work with him in the future."
-Jonathon, Vistar Media - VP, Client Success
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