Sabra Dipping Company—One of your favorite hummus and guacamole brands, was launching a new product, fresh salsa, and needed to create some buzz. Yet while many competitor's salsa dips were all found together on the shelf, Sabra's salsa was fresh, which meant it was located away from the other competitor brands and in the refrigerated fresh vegetables section.
The challenge, how can we create not only buzz around the new product, but subliminally hint that it is located in a different section?
The answer, focus on the freshness of the ingredients as the differentiator.  "Made with love, made fresh" digital and experiential campaign was launched. 
•Campaign Site
•TV Commercial
•Social Media Strategy & Advertising
•Email Marketing
•Radio Advertising
•Influencer Marketing
•Experiential Marketing - Events & Trucks
•Online Game
In order to help Sabra farmers grow healthy veggies for the dip, we asked users to sing to the veggies while they grew in a one-of-the-kind karaoke game that encouraged fans, not just farmers to sing to tomatoes so they may grow a little faster this year. Why, because studies found that happy vegetables grew healthier... and Sabra's dip was fresher and healthly than the competitors, 
Also included were social media landing pages, a campaign website where user generated content, product coupons, incentives, rewards were shared in real time. Also location of sampling trucks were shared and could be mapped out. Email and SEO strategy were also a big player in what was created, all to drive awareness to a new Sabra product. 
Campaign Site - Affiliate Marketing
Campaign Site - Affiliate Marketing
Campaign Facebook Page
Campaign Facebook Page
Campaign Facebook Page - Opt-in & Coupon
Campaign Facebook Page - Opt-in & Coupon

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